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Training Balls & Tools

Knowing where to strike the cue ball to achieve different trajectories and rates of spin is crucial to higher-level game play. We have a number of training billiard balls and other aim-training devices to help you work on your shots by teaching you where to hit the cue ball for different effects. Our Aramith and CueSight training billiard balls have markings to show you where to hit the cue ball with your cue to achieve a straight shot, shots with backspin, and shots with forward spin.  In a similar vein, laser-sighted cues help you perfect your shooting skills by projecting a crosshair onto the cue ball. As you take each shot, you can identify any errors in your stroke by watching the crosshairs and learn to adjust your shot to remain steady throughout the execution. We also sell laser-sighted tips that transform any cue to a laser-sighted cue that you can use to improve the accuracy of your shooting.