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Pool Table Cloth

Our selection of pool table cloths come in an array of alluring designs and are manufactured by the top billiard table cloth producers. We carry many lines of premium cloths to revamp or refurbish an old table, or to jazz up a new one. The Strachan SuperPro billiard table cloth series is high performance, while Championship pool table felt styles offer trusted assurance. Simonis offers competition-grade billiard table cloth, while ArtScape offers an creative, unique kaleidoscope of exciting designs, patterns and styles. Choose yours from our wide selection of pool table cloths today. We also sell ElmerÂ’s Spray Adhesive and 3M Super 77 adhesive for do-it-yourselfers who want to install the pool table cloth themselves. Give your pool table an interior-decorator's finish with the perfect pool table cloth to complement the décor in your billiard room.