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Pool Cue Supplies

DonÂ’t forget the pool cue accessories you need to keep your sticks, tables, and billiard room running smoothly and clutter-free. We sell chalk and chalk holders, cue holders, bridges, clamps, joint protectors, extra tips, and tools to replace worn tips and joints. We sell the highest-quality pool cue tips from the best brands in the business to keep your stroke in tip-top shape. We have many tip tools to help you maintain and extend the life of your cue sticks. The Tip Master 6-in-1 Tip Tool System is the ultimate tip tool in our collection. Its dime- and nickel-shaper tools scuff the tip to a perfect 9.1mm or 10.5mm radius, respectively. The tip burnisher hardens and polishes the sides of the tip so they're flush with the ferrule. The tip pick pokes needle-size holes in the tip to maximize chalk retention, while the tip tapper creates pockets and scuffs on the tip's surface for improved chalk absorption. The tip scuffer roughens the tip to prevent miscues. We also sell the Extreme Tip Tool Five-in-One and the Ultimate Cue Tip Tool by Art Industries, as well as Porper tools, scuffers, cue top sanders, tip tappers, and tip sanders.