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Pool Cue Supplies

Don't overlook the vital pool cue accessories necessary for maintaining the smooth operation and cleanliness of your cue sticks, tables, and billiard room. Our extensive product range includes high-quality chalk, chalk holders, cue holders, bridges, clamps, joint protectors, extra tips, and tools for replacing worn tips and joints. We take pride in offering the finest pool cue tips sourced from top industry brands, ensuring peak performance for your game. Explore our selection of specialized tip tools, meticulously designed to help you prolong the life of your cue sticks.

At the pinnacle of our collection is the Tip Master 6-in-1 Tip Tool System, the ultimate companion for tip maintenance. With dime- and nickel-shaped tools, you can expertly scuff the tip to achieve a perfect 9.1mm or 10.5mm radius, respectively. The tip burnisher effectively hardens and polishes the tip's sides, guaranteeing a seamless alignment with the ferrule. Included is a tip pick for creating needle-sized holes in the tip, enhancing chalk retention, while the tip tapper generates pockets and scuffs on the tip's surface to optimize chalk absorption. The tip scuffer roughens the tip, reducing the likelihood of miscues.

In addition to the Tip Master, we offer other exceptional options, such as the Extreme Tip Tool Five-in-One and the Ultimate Cue Tip Tool by Art Industries. Our range also includes Porper tools, including scuffers, cue top sanders, tip tappers, and tip sanders, all tailored to meet your billiard accessory needs.