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Pool Cue Shafts

Pool cue shafts allow you to do two things: customize your own cue or replace a worn or broken part of your cue to make it like new again. There are more parts to a cue than you might think, and the more you play, the more parts you'll wear down and have to replace. Not to mention having someone accidentally snap your pool cue in half or purposefully abusing it following a frustrating play. Fortunately, you don't have to buy an entirely new cue stick when this happens. Instead, you can just replace the cue's butt or shaft to make it as good as a new cue. a pool cue breaks down into two major distinctive parts: the shaft and the butt. These two parts are connected by a joint, which usually consists of a bolt on the butt end that screws into a connector on the shaft. When players take their cues with them, they break them down into these two parts to fit them into a pool cue case, which holds between one butt and one shaft up to half a dozen butts and that many or more shafts.