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Falcon Cues

Founded on and guided by the belief that all pool players should have the chance to play with a "real" pool cue, Falcon Cues began manufacturing professional standard, high-quality pool cues at affordable prices. In 1991, Mr. Ernie Chen was able to meet with famed American cue manufacturer Joss Cues and decided to enter into business venture together. Through this alliance between Joss Cues and Falcon,the Falcon brand was established and the first manufacturing facility was set up in Mississauga. Falcon quickly gained a good reputation among the professional player's circle and was able to attract some of the finest professional players to use Falcon cues, including Jeanette Lee, Jennifer Chen, Nick Varner, Karen Korr, and Shin Mai Liu. In 1993, Falcon ended its venture with Joss Cues and teamed up with Mr. Alan McCarty of Clawson Cues (now know as Predator Cues), who envisioned a brand new concept for the future of the Falcon line of pool cues. Mr. Chen provided the necessary manufacturing support for Clawson Cues and for many years to follow Falcon Cues was the proud business partner and manufacturer for Clawson Cues (Predator Cues). Today, with years of experience behind them, Falcon cues to further develop its cue making abilities and techniques and produces some of the finest cues available at affordable prices.

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