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Predator Pool Cues

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Predator pool cues and shafts are technology-driven products that bring unparalleled innovation and style to the billiard tables and pool rooms. It's not just one re-engineered predator pool cue shaft or predator pool cue butt butt design; every Predator billiard product is a technological breakthrough. Predator pool cues and shafts are an important part of our inventory because we always aim to bring you the best billiard supplies and equipment on the market today. Each line of Predator pool cue has something to offer different styles of players and different types of shots, including banks, breaks, jumps, and line drives. Predator has several proprietary pool cue designs and technologies. These are called Air II, C4+, BK3, and P3. These Predator break pool cues are the culmination of years of research and development that builds on the company's BK2 cue technology with more than a dozen design tweaks to increase the cue's strength without also increasing its weight. The balance point makes this cue easy to wield to deliver the all-important opening salvo of a billiards game. The carbon fiber core ads the necessary reinforcement without the extra weight, and the four-piece construction transfers the energy from a stroke much more fluidly.  The second generation of pool cue shafts brings the same level of innovation and improved playability as the Predator pool cues. These shafts have been re-engineered for increased accuracy, less deflection, and better cue ball and spin control.